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Questions cd s and or savings

By Terry Savage on March 29, 2023 | Investments

I’m almost 67 n have about $16,000.00 In an ira savings earning almost nothing in my credit union. My question is I’ve gotten email from aarp about Marcus by Goldman Sachs cds at respectable rates and a savings acct at 3.85%. Limited time offer. Was thinking of putting about 10,000.00 or little less in a cd or cds at 4.50 to 5.05% and rest in that savings acct. .What you
Think? I only have SS as income so can’t lose what little I have saved. Can I trust this online doing or should I call them? Will be transferring money. Or was considering Fidelity investing for same situation. Their cds and savings for bal. Of money. Thank you Terry I appreciate the help and listen to you most Weds. On Wgn radio with John Williams !

Terry Says

Remember, this is money INSIDE AN IRA. You really shouldn’t just withdraw and reinvest it. Much better to do a rollover. So you would need to contact Marcus (and yes, they’re a reputable division of Goldman Sachs) and have them do the rollover. But first find out if there is a penalty at your credit union for breaking out of a current CD. If it’s in a MM account, no penalty and no problem.
Read this to understand rollovers: https://www.terrysavage.com/rollover-now/



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