By Terry Savage on April 01, 2024 | Chicken Money

What do you know about “Raisin” as a viable place to send “chicken money”? Is it a scam? Is it a viable, safe, place to send funds? “If it is too good to be true…it is probably ” a scam (propagated by other out of work, young, financial ‘experts’). I don’t trust what I don’t know. Dave

Terry Says

Stick with U. S. Govt T-bills — Read this: https://www.terrysavage.com/t-bills-beat-cds-2/

Raisin is just an aggregation tool, much like others I have written about in the past — like MaximizeMyInterest.com. They search banks and get paid a bit from them for sending them clients like you to get insured deposits.
But I checked the rates and they are the same as T-bills for 6 months, which make sense. Only you don’t pay state tax on T-bills, and you don’t waste time at rollover time.



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