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Real Estate Taxes

By Terry Savage on August 11, 2018 | Housing / Real Estate

I live in Jefferson township in Cook County I have three exemptions but my home went from $300840 to 380070 what can I do. I receive the senior freeze I thought this would not happen.
I get the senior freeze , senior exemption and homestead, they can just raise the property value.
I will appeal this, some lawyers won’t take the appeal because of the freeze. I wrote to them to appeal was this alright?

Terry Says

First, are you SURE you got your three exemptions this year? In some counties, they require you to reapply each year. And that might be something new in this case. So double check that you received them.

I wish I could help you with a recommendation for an attorney, but I don’t know a property tax attorney in Jefferson county.
If there isn’t a mistake, you can’t be alone in this issue. Did you ask your neighbors if they had the same increase? Have you contacted your county assessor? Talk to your local county officials. Talk to your neighbors. Property taxes have been going up around the state, but there are often special hardship exemptions.
A 30% property tax valuation increase does seem excessive. Please write back if you can’t get any help from your local officials.



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