Ask Terry Questions Recourse for bad REIT investment

Recourse for bad REIT investment

By Terry Savage on October 09, 2023 | Wild Card

I received a letter from a law firm concerning a bad REIT investment. I t states that I may be able to recover my money. Does this sound legitimate? Letter was from Kurta Law/ Gana Weinstein. If it is a way to recover my money, would it be better to locate a local firm?

Terry Says

There may be a class action suit pending against the REIT. Without knowing more about the name of the REIT itself, I can’t research it. Contact the attorneys and find out the terms of the lawsuit. You shouldn’t have to put up ANY money. And likely, if they win, they will take from 33-40% of the amount recovered. Still it would be better than nothing at all!



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