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relative’s bond

By Terry Savage on March 21, 2015 | Investments

My recently deceased aunt left me a bond in her partner’s ( also deceased ) name before she died. How can I redeem it.

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Terry Says:  Well, for starters, you’ll need a copy of the death certificate, and likely a copy of the estate directive from the attorney that probated the will.  You don’t say what type of bond it is — If it is a U.S. Savings Bond, go to and click on “individual” and then follow instructions to redeem the bond.  But if it is a corporate or government bond, you’ll have to sell it in the open market.  The brokerage firm you use will demand all the paperwork in advance to make sure the bond is saleable since it is not in your name.  You might even have to go to the bond transfer agency, listed on the bond itself, to get the bond transferred into your own name in order to sell it.  That will depend on what the brokerage firm demands.  Then be sure you are getting the right price!  Go to, and search under tools, and you will find their bond pricing tool that gives current market values.



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