Ask Terry Questions Restaurant Credit Card Surcharges

Restaurant Credit Card Surcharges

By Terry Savage on December 28, 2023 | Wild Card

2013 a Class Action by Merchants to Credit Card Companies allowed this to happen to consumers? This practice has become very aggressive. I looked up the Rules Merchants must post regarding Surcharges , but where are those signs? What size the Font? I have never been notified before ordering there will be a Surcharge included? So how are the Merchants getting reimbursed? How and who gathers and distributes this income to distribute to a Credit Card Merchant not known to the consumer. Seems a bit shifty and questionable? Good question for WGN? Your thoughts. Thank you for all you give to your listener’s and followers.

Terry Says

Read this article from CNBC. Looks like you’re not alone in protesting restaurant surcharges! And with roughly 15% of restaurants charging them, doesn’t look like they are going away!
Might want to check the restaurant’s policy before dining there.



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