Ask Terry Questions Retired Seniors –tax deferred investments?

Retired Seniors –tax deferred investments?

By Terry Savage on October 21, 2013 | Financial Planning / Retirement

Hi Terry, I recently sold my home & also had a 5 yr. CD mature , so I need advice to find some tax deferred investments for this money that is sitting in a ‘no interest, .02 % ‘.
Have $50,000. value of EE savings bonds also that will mature next year.
Would appreciate your suggestions.
Thank you, ang

SAVAGE SAYS:OK, this is tough advice to give, and even tougher to take:  This is “chicken money”  and most of it belongs in a bank, earning almost nothing!  That means you don’t have to worry about “tax-deferred” because if it isn’t earning much, you don’t have to worry about taxes!

Now I don’t know your entire situation, whether you have other income coming in, your age, your personal circumstances.  I don’tknow if you are married or single, total assets, needs and goals.  More details will help.  But I warn you not to make a move without getting some good advice.   Many seniors these days are rushing into slightly higher-yielding products like annuities that will limit their flexibility in the future, a stiff price to pay. If you want to send me more personal details, pls do so at, and if you are in the Chicago area I will give you some names of financial planners I trust.

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