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By Terry Savage on November 26, 2018 |

Hi Terry, my wife and I are fortunate. We are retired and both have substantial 401Ks (By most standards) in addition we also have ROTHs and I have a Government pension along with my wife’s S/S in the future. We probably will not need to withdraw cash from our retirement accounts until we are forced to at 70 and a half-how conservative should we be. Is 70%Stock / 30%Bonds too risky? We have some cash available if and when the market turns- I know most people would kill to be in our position but we dont want to be to conservative. Thanks

Terry Says

I simply can’t give you an answer out of the blue.  It all depends on how much of this money you expect to spend each year — and what your plans are for the balance of the money if you die before spending it all!  That is, are you hoping to leave it to children?  Fund a grandchild’s education?

And have you made plans for long term care, by purchasing long term care insurance — perhaps the “combo” type policy that will provide a death benefit if you don’t need to use the care benefit?

These are all questions that come into the answer about how conservative  your investments should be.  I urge you to consult a Certified Financial Planner who is a FIDUCIARY — putting your interests ahead of their own, charging only fees, and fully disclosing all fees and costs.  Find one at

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