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retirement investments

By Terry Savage on December 28, 2023 | Investments

2 questions…..once out of TSP……can a retired employee get back in? Also, What can i tell my current financial planner that I want an account like the TSP G fund? I plan to retire in a little over a year. I don’t want to take the next correction, then have to wait to regain the funds. i want to hold onto what i have, and am willing to make smaller gains for the sense of security. Still waiting to get back to where i was in the fall of 21. Even though the DJIA is almost 6% higher than when i started. as always, thank you.

Terry Says

Wait, your question is complicated. I think you are in a government Thrift Savings Plan. It has safe alternatives for investing inside the plan.
Read this link:

If you don’t want to take stock market risk, just move some of your money into the G plan, currently earning about 3.8%. You won’t get rich there, but you won’t get poor!

If I’m wrong, and you have already taken all your money OUT of your retirement plan (what a mistake, and you paid taxes!!) and now you want to know where to put the money to keep it safe, read this:



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