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retirement checklist

By Terry Savage on April 06, 2024 | Financial Planning / Retirement

Hi Terry, I am a 60 year old union ironworker, getting ready to retire at 62. I’d like to get a few items taken care of
like a will, trust, power of attorney and anything else you would suggest. Is there a one stop shop that would help with all of these?
I live just southwest of Chicago.

Terry Says

First step — print out this form and fill it out to let you know what “things” you need to be doing!

Second step is to get some overall perspective about what to do with your retirement accounts, pension, etc. I certainly hope you’re not plannign to take SS at age 62. That would be a horrible mistake! (Not saying you can’t retire from a tough job, just use other money first!)

You need someone you can trust to go over your future income and spending plan –someone who is not trying to sell you something — a true FIDUCIARY, who only charges fees.
Find that person by reading this link:

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