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retirement decision

By Terry Savage on February 05, 2018 | Financial Planning / Retirement

planning on retirement this fall,have option pension (3900 per mo./reduced to3000 per mo. @age 65) or lump sum 750,000.00 which would be the better choice? I am 59 yrs old

Terry Says

Please let me say that you are too young to retire!  And I say that without knowing anything about your lifestyle, your financial responsibilities, or your health.  But if you are "average" you will live another 30 years.  And if we have inflation of only 3 percent, the value of that monthly pension -- the spending power -- will be cut in half in 25 years!  I strongly urge you to consult a Certified Financial Planner who only charges a fee for advice.  Search at  You need to discuss this issue fully.   And as a start, go to and fill out their "Ballpark Estimate" retirement calculator.  It will ask all the important questions, and then tell you how likely you are to maintain your lifestyle in retirement at any age.

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