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Retirement Income help

By Terry Savage on July 26, 2013 | Financial Planning / Retirement

After losing over $20K in principal in the last 6 months with Vanguard GNMA, I cashed it in and now am not sure where to put it to get a good monthly income of $1k at least. Am on SSdisability at $731 a month. I am a divorced gal of 64. Any ideas? I have $381K left to invest….have $37K in the stock market in EPD, United Health Care, and Cardinal Health. I am up 80% in EPD. This is all from an inheritence so no more money coming my way. I owe $126K on my home equity line which I use for my son’s college room and board. He has College Illinois from my mom, and has used 2 years already and attends UIC.

Any advice would be appreciated!!! Am in the process of reading both of your books now, so am learning! What about FFRHX?

SAVAGE SAYS: You need someone to look over your entire financial situation because there are a lot of moving parts. I see you live in Illinois, so I’m going to send you to my good friend, and great financial planner, Ellen Rogin. Here’s her website:? I trust her completely, and although you don’t have a lot of money to work with, please tell her I sent you, and asked her to take a look at your situation.



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