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Retirement IRA

By Terry Savage on October 27, 2018 | Financial Planning / Retirement

Hi Terry,
I getting close to retirement ( within the next 6 months ) and currently have my IRA at Raymond James and Assoc. and looking for suggestions on other firms to transfer my IRA. I’m not active in the stock market and would put my trust on the Advisor .

Terry Says

Raymond James is a great firm, and your “advisor” there might be a very smart person — BUT they are not a FIDUCIARY! A brokerage firm makes money either by commissions or charging a rather large fee for their advice. If you are not “in the stock market” there is no sense paying these fees.
As boomers retire, there is an army of “advisors” out there looking to make money of rollover accounts. I’m trying to keep you safe. I’ll give you two choices, depending on the amount involved.
First, you can become a do-it-yourself investment advisor at Fidelity or Vanguard. They provide free services for allocating retirement rollover accounts in low-cost investments.
Better, it’s time for a complete review of your financial picture, costs and budget in retirement, Social Security and when to take it, etc, etc. That’s why you need a FIDUCIARY, fee-only financial planner. Go to to get connected! Or go to — the website of feeonly Certified Financial Planners.

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