Ask Terry Questions retirement planning — and the cost of advice

retirement planning — and the cost of advice

By Terry Savage on September 26, 2015 | Financial Planning / Retirement

Hi Terry
I’m a 73 year old in good health and have 250,000 portfolio
I am paying 1 percent to a financial advisor , I am considering giving my money to vanguard and save about 1,700 a year in fees and I think still get the same return on investment.
I don’t want to do something stupid just to save 1700…

Terry Says:  How well has your financial advisor performed for you, compared to what the stock market has done — year-by-year — in recent years.  (Keep in mind that you probably had a more conservative asset allocation than just the “Dow” or “S&P500” as befits your age and stage in life.)  And has your planner been helpful in keeping you on course, or are you on “auto-pilot?

It can’t hurt to show your portfolio to Vanguard and ask their recommendations.  They will do a review at no cost, and will create a scenario for a withdrawal plan most likely to make your money last your lifetime.   But this is not only a financial decision — it’s also a “sleep at night” decision.  And that benefit is priceless!



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