Ask Terry Questions Retroactive Benefits – re: Social Security

Retroactive Benefits – re: Social Security

By Terry Savage on August 05, 2023 | Financial Planning / Retirement

I am 68 yrs. old and recently applied for social security benefits. My question is does SSA automatically assume you want to receive Retroactive Benefits and pay them to you, or are you given the option? I do not want Retroactive Benefits and this subject never came up on the Online application for Benefits. But I have read where people have received Retroactive Benefits without agreeing to it. Please let me know if I need to do anything in advance to prevent Retroactive Benefits being paid to me. Thanks Terry

Terry Says

You need to double check what they put down on your application. Social Security does not pay retroactive benefits — but you want to make sure your application starts with your current age.
You have now reached Full Retirement Age and should have benefits starting at this point. But if you want to double-check that you are getting the correct amount, I suggest you go to and pay the $39 to run through the software.

SS has been making a lot of mistakes lately, and clawing back benefits when they figure it out. That’s truly painful.



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