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Return on investments

By Terry Savage on July 18, 2020 | Chicken Money

Myself and my wife are 75&73 years old respectively. We have over $500,000 in mm and cd accounts that are soon maturing, where should I place these funds to get higher than the 1% max return that’s being offered.

Terry Says

OK, this is your “chicken money” and a lot of people want to sell you something (and earn a commission) by telling you how to get a much greater return. That involves risk– and I respect your decision to keep this money safe, and with no risk.
So you have to stick to FDIC insured CDs, maximum maturities of one year — but perhaps stagger those maturities as you seem to have done already.
Let me recommend a service that gets you the highest rates through FDIC insured banks — keeping the money in YOUR name! It is. www.MaxMyInterest.com,
I wrote a column explaining the service which you can access by clicking here.



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