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Reverse mortgage

By Terry Savage on October 22, 2023 | Wild Card

Listening to your webinar on 10/18 on the topic of reverse mortgages. If, after the planning to stay in my home, what happens if unexpectedly I’m medically no longer able to stay in my home? And I didn’t quite understand how my heirs wouldn’t have to pay anything on the house?

Unrelated but curious – you mentioned a place on Dearborn for gold. Do they also assess/buy gold pieces like jewelry? Can you provide the name and if they don’t buy gold, do you have recommendations for a reputable dealer?

Thank you! Plan on buying your book and spending time on your website!

Terry Says

I’ll start w the easiest. My favorite — and only — recommendation for buying and selling gold and numismatic coins in Chicago is Harlan J Berk at 31 N Clark St.
As for jewelry buyers,that’s a tough one. I did a Yelp search and came up w several names. Always get at least two bids,if the item has any value in design, beyond the gold weight.

As for Reverse Mortgages, read this:



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