By Terry Savage on November 13, 2023 | Financial Planning / Retirement

Don’t have a question, but I do have a comment about your article that appeared in the Richmond Times Dispatch last Sunday that pertain to RMD’s.
One of the most important pieces of information I felt like you left out of your article and that was the fact that if you donate charitable contribution from your RMD you can save a lot in taxes.
Unfortunately our financial advisor is great, BUT they missed that one important piece of information and after 10 years when I finally came across an article on line and in the paper about doing just that, but in the end it cost us about 50K in the course of those 10 years. That should be a number one question that should be discussed when someone starts to take their RMD.
Just food for thought!!

Terry Says

Stay tuned. That is next week’s column, thanks to your great suggestion!!

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