By Terry Savage on June 21, 2024 | Financial Planning / Retirement

Is it true that I can combine IRA values to calculate the RMD? I turn 73 in November. Two IRAs are annuities from which I receive monthly distributions which I pay income tax on. The 3rd IRA is a mutual fund from Chas Schwab. My annuity distributions are about twice the amount of the combined RMD estimate. I don’t need to take an RMD from Schwab, right? Do I need to contact someone about this?

Terry Says

Nope.  As long as your annuity distributions are exceed the RMD amount, you should be good.  But check with them to make sure the entire distribution qualifies for this RMD requirement, since some of the money is a return of your invested capital.  You don’t need to notify your other IRA custodian if you have your RMD covered, but they will send you a reminder anyway.



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