Ask Terry Questions RMDs, IRMAA and Roth Conversion

RMDs, IRMAA and Roth Conversion

By Terry Savage on May 10, 2024 | Financial Planning / Retirement

I turned 73 last month and have 2 IRAs in 2 different brokerage firms.
Can I just take 1 RMD from 1 IRA this year while take 2 RMDs from other IRA next year?
Does it matter if I take RMD this year from a smaller/larger IRA?

I estimated it will take 4-6 years to do annual RMD and Roth conversion while paying some IRMMA. In general, is it better/tax wise to avoid IRMMA at all cost or pay the price and get it over with? My goal is to leave as much asset to my heirs.


Terry Says

Your heirs will have 10 years to stretch out withdrawals from any IRA of yours that they inherit –under current rules.  Except that since you have already started taking RMDs, they must continue taking them — under current rules.

My advice is not to worry about leaving money to them– but instead about having “enough” money to last your lifetime  In that regard, I would not pay income taxes on a Roth conversion, and also the IRMAA Medicare premium adjustment.  If you can live on your RMDs, then just take them as required and pay the taxes. And try tostay below the IRMAA increase levels.

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