Ask Terry Questions Roth IRA Account after age 70-1/2

Roth IRA Account after age 70-1/2

By Terry Savage on June 17, 2014 | Financial Planning / Retirement

Can I continue to contribute to after reaching 70 1/2 years old?

Terry Says:  Yes, this is another advantage of a Roth IRA.  If you have earned income (not from dividends, interest or Social Security) you can contribute to a Roth IRA at any age, unlike a traditional IRA where you can no longer contribute after reaching age 70-1/2.   Some might ask WHY continue to contribute to a Roth.  But that answer is easy. The money will continue to grow tax-free, not only for the rest of your life — but for your beneficiary’s life (if you choose an individual, not a trust as your beneficiary).  So be sure to instruct your beneficiaries not to cash in that IRA when you pass on, but to keep it growing tax-free for many years!



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