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Roth IRA annuity

By Terry Savage on August 06, 2020 | Investments

Have $104,000.00 in a Roth IRA that just matured in an annuity. Would like your input on where to put this money now. Thank you and I look forward to your response.

Terry Says

When you say “matured” in an annuity, do you mean that the surrender period ended? Was it a MYGA – -multi-year guaranteed annuity that carried higher rates?
It’s impossible to answer your question of “how to invest” this money without knowing more about your total financial picture, risk tolerance, income needs.
One thing is sure, someone will be delighted to sell you another annuity– and earn a big commission, while locking you in for a period that could last 7 years or longer!

YOu need unbiased advice as part of a financial plan. For that you need a FIDUCIARY financial advisor. You can find one at Wealthramp.com.



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