Ask Terry Questions Roth or traditional retirement accoiunt

Roth or traditional retirement accoiunt

By Terry Savage on June 18, 2014 | Financial Planning / Retirement

I currently have a retirement account with American Funds, and manage it myself. I keep this account to save up for major purchases only. My pensions are more than adequate and do not need the account for income. Currently over 110,000 dollars has been saved. Would I be better off switching to a Roth, and would I be able to earn at the same percentage rate which has been 15 to 19% per year? I will never let the balance drop below $100,000.

Terry Says:  There’s  a lot more I’d need to understand before giving you any kind of an answer to this.  First, how old are you?   How far are you from age 70-1/2, when you will be required to withdraw money from your IRA?  Are you still working, which allows you to make additional contributions to any type of retirement plan out of earned income?   What tax bracket are you in?  How on earth have you managed to gain 15-19 percent a year?!  Are you sure about that figure?  Is that just for last year, or over how many years?   Please give me a bit more detail, and if you don’t want to go into it publicly on this blog, then just send me an email at

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