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By Terry Savage on June 05, 2016 | Chicken Money

I entered all the info on me EE bonds in Saving including my name,email,address. They said my email was not valid.I had to leave the screen for a few minutes and when I returned all my info had disappeared and I was unable to pull it up again. Is there is danger of someone stealing that info and cashing the bonds? I do not think it possible without the bonds but feel uneasy.I am now using Thanks for your help in the article “5things to know about investing in savings bonds”

Terry Says:  I know how frustrating that must have been, but actually it should have been reassuring.  Because you did not enter “save” before leaving the page, the information was totally deleted, requiring you to start over.  No one can cash your bonds, so don’t worry about that. is another great place to keep a savings bond inventory — but the site gives you advice and reminders about cashing in your bonds at maturity.

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