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By Terry Savage on January 22, 2020 | Financial Planning / Retirement

I cannot seem to make progress with a solid savings/emergency fund. Set money aside when paid only to use it for some house need or bill. Promise that I have reduced the fun of dining out/shopping . In fact, since New Year’s 2019 – have not bought clothes (etc), save Christmas presents – far more limited than in the past. What am I doing wrong?

Terry Says

Now, I’m not being snide, but here’s the answer that can help you if you take it the right way. You’re not earning enough money!

Honestly, if all you say is true about saving and skimping, what comes to mind is my grandmother saying “you cannot get blood out of a stone.” So if you’ve made all the savings you possibly can, turn to the other side of the balance sheet.

What could you do — and when — to make more money? I’m talking evenings or weekends. We have a full employment economy right now and employers are searching for people to work part time. It may not be in your own career path — but maybe being a waitress, or working in a store (if you can control your shopping impulse) or driving a senior on weekends. Even babysitters seem to be making a lot of money these days. Look around at what needs doing — and offer to do it — for a FEE!

The set aside all that extra money in an account — a separate account — and don’t touch it! That’s how to make it happen.

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