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Savings bonds owned by my 88 year old father

By Terry Savage on October 14, 2020 | Chicken Money

My father has a substantial amount of bonds
1984 – 1997 I’m his caretaker poa he’s just turned 88 and wants to get them to where I have access to them my mothers name is on them too and she’s deceased my bank told me I could let him sign them at home bc if his age and covid took him an 2 weeks and then I took them back to my bank was going to have them cashed or whatever and deposit in his account & they gave them back and said they had a limit on what they can do l really feel like they didn’t want to deal with it bf there’s so many so how can I get them into his acct or the a treasury direct acct thank you

Terry Says

You need to go to one of the major banks to cash in the bonds. Or go back to that same bank and ask to speak to a manager. Tell him I advised you to do this!

I don’t know why it should be complicated – -unless they are not authorized to redeem Treasury bonds. Since you have an account there, or your father does, there should be no charge of any time for redeeming Savings bonds.

If they are not in the business of redeeming Savings Bonds, you’ll need to go to a major bank. Make copies of the bonds, and then bring the original bonds. They may ask for a signature form for your father, and a copy of your mother’s death certificate. Call the bank in advance to explain the situation and make sure you have the proper documentation. You may also need to prove you have power of attorney for your father’s finances.

All of those bonds have matured and must be cashed in. BUT this will add to your father’s income — and may even increase his Medicare Part B premiums if a lot of money is involved. Since those bonds have matured, you can’t transfer them to anyone, or add a name.
You can find out everything you need to know about savings bonds at the goernment website:

Here’s a link to the instructions on the government website.

You can use the Savings Bond Calculator to find the value now.



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