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Schwab Intelligent Advisory

By Terry Savage on March 02, 2019 | Financial Planning / Retirement

What do you think about the Schwab Intelligent Advisory? They keep a lot of cash in the portfolio. I am retired and taking RMD’s. I now have an advisor that is charging .89% in advisory fees. Thank you.

Terry Says

I’m  bit confused by your question.  Schwab Intelligent Advisory is an excellent way to manage your retirement assets — if you are willing to get involved and do the work per their instructions.  You also have access to a certified financial planner.  Their minimum is $25,000 — and they charge just 0.28 percent as an annual management fee.  Of course, if you are invested in mutual fund there may also be ongoing fund management fees, that will vary depending on the fund.

So are you referring to ANOTHER advisor who is charging you 0.89%?  Especially if you are mostly in cash because you are risk-averse at this stage of life, that is way too high a fee to pay!  I would switch to Schwab.

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