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seeling a financial advisor

By Terry Savage on February 22, 2024 | Financial Planning / Retirement

I recently retired (1 month ago) and find my husband and myself facing some really important decisions and not really having enough information. You hear different responses to annuities, 401k,403b, CD’s pensions, etc , of which we have them all. I like having proper information and making good solid decisions, especially with the money my husband and I have accrued over the 50 or so years of working. I know I’ve heard you speak about sitting with a finical person but is it to late since retirement is here?

Terry Says

No it is not too late. These are big decisions and you shouldn’t do ANYTHING with your money without sitting down with a FEE-ONLY FIDUCIARY advisor who will put your interests first, and has no motivation to sell you anything!
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