Ask Terry Questions Selling a Timeshare?

Selling a Timeshare?

By Terry Savage on April 08, 2013 | Wild Card

Thanks for the great presentation at Simmons Women’s Leadership Conference this week! We bought into 2 Marriott Timeshare properties about 8 years ago, and are still paying the monthly mortgage. We would love to sell these, the monthly bills are killing us. Do you have any advice on best way to do this? thank you.

SAVAGE SAYS: Gosh that’s a tough one. But maybe as the economy picks up, the market for timeshares will as well. The best place I know to learn about the pros and cons of trying to sell a timeshare is TUG — the Timeshare Users Group website: There are so many fees, and charges involved that it’s tough to know who is giving you a realistic offer. You can learn more at the above website, which also provides free classified ads for its members. The cost to join is only $15 — probably the least expensive thing related to timeshares!



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