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Series EE Bonds cashing in

By Terry Savage on October 21, 2023 | Chicken Money

Hi Terri,
I was in your Wed 10/18 webinar (thru associated libraries). First of all, great presentation – so much great information and you have a very easy, clear way of explaining topics. Thank you so much for that and all the extras (4 page form, financial advisor, all the related sites

Your presentation reminded me that I have some Series EE bonds that have reached maturity. What should be done with them now? Since they’ve reached maturity, is there a better/worse time to cash them in? And where can I get that done?

Thank you!

Terry Says

Here is the TreasuryDirect page with instructions on cashing E bonds:

Technically you must cash them in the year they mature. But cashing in too many bonds could put you in a higher tax bracket, or even raise your Medicare Part B premiums. So you might want to cash in half this year and half next year.



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