Ask Terry Questions Series EE Savings Bond Information

Series EE Savings Bond Information

By Terry Savage on November 22, 2015 | Chicken Money

I have purchased small EEbonds for my grandchildren but need to know where to find information on them. In fact, I’m not sure we have copies of them now. I understand
they aren’t selling them anymore, but I wondered IF I can get info and IF they can still
be redeemed and numbers and addresses of who to contact. Denver Post article alerted
me to you. Thank you. Verla

Terry Says:  I suggest you go to and talk with Savings Bonds expert Jackie Brahney.  Do your grandchildren still have the bonds?  Do you have any record of the date of purchase?  You should ask the kids or their parents, and let them know that there are some important decisions to be made,  but that they should be careful about cashing them in because they may be more valuable in future years.  Show them the column.  I hope you can get their cooperation to make the most of the gift you gave.



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