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SERIES EE Savings Bond

By Terry Savage on January 21, 2023 | Chicken Money

I have two, Series EE Saving Bonds issued to me as a gift both dated 02/1996.
One is for $100.00 .. the other one, $200.00.
What are they worth now and should I cash them out?
Thank you Terry for your assistance.

Terry Says

Here’s a link to the Savings Bond Calculator:

It will tell you the current value of your bonds. But wait, before cashing them in, check on the base interest rate they are paying. It may be VERY attractive. And since those bonds have not matured yet they are still paying interest!

It’s not a lot of money though, so here are the instructions for cashing paperbonds.

You will owe ordinary income taxes on all the interest that has accrued til the time you cash them in.



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