Ask Terry Questions Series I Savings Bond-HELP

Series I Savings Bond-HELP

By Terry Savage on December 28, 2023 | Chicken Money

I accidentally purchases $2,000.00 in Series I Savings Bonds. ( 4 separate purchases of 500.00. I later realized they don’t mature for 30 years. I doubt I will be around in 30 years. Can I move them to T Bills or pull out the $2,000.00 and pay the penalty?

Terry Says

You can sell them at any time after 3 months, and pay the 3 months loss of interest penalty. In that sense, they are liquid. You don’t have to hold them for 30 years! But in the meantime, they are earning a nice amount of interest, which will change every 6 months to keep up with inflation.
So don’t panic, and just hang on to them until you need the money!



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