Ask Terry Questions Should I give my wife access?

Should I give my wife access?

By Terry Savage on April 09, 2013 | Financial Planning / Retirement

My wife works a public job(school ) and makes about 50000 a year. I work at a family business. She will be retiring this year and will draw about 2200 a month after insurance. I on the other hand have no retirement other than what I can save. We are out of debt, 54 years old. I have made investments so that I can have some money when I retire. Problem is the wife thinks I am hiding finances from her, I have been the major bread winner and used the money to get out of debt, buy cars, a farm, cows,etc. I feel it necessary for me to have some money saved up, but she feels like we need total transparency. Her money went into retirement no questions, she hasn’t had any access. I on the other hand have been paid all I earned without takeout’s for retirement, I have traded and invested to increase the money I will have at my retirement. Should she have full access to my income?

SAVAGE SAYS: Wait a minute — what does she want: Access, or Information There’s a big difference! If she wants info, so you two can do some smart planning, then that makes sense — especially if you plan to live out your lives together. If, on the other hand, you are saving secretly so you can depart, then be careful what you reveal! Or maybe she is the one planning to leave, and is wondering what she might be entitled to in a divorce. If you don’t trust each other enough to come clean then you’d better start thinking strategically, and separately.

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