Ask Terry Questions should I invest in Gold

should I invest in Gold

By Terry Savage on March 16, 2014 | Investments

Is gold a good hedge against the dollar? Sources are saying that the dollar will be useless and that
having gold will keep you protected. I was in the stock market but anxiety about it going up and down was
too much for me. am 72 and will do okay withoout the income from the stock market. But want to be
a good stewert of my money. Are Individual municipal bonds a secure investment? Thank you very much,

Terry Says:  Gold, either in the form of bullion coins or gold mining shares, is one small part of a portfolio — and should do well if inflation returns.   However, over the long run, stocks are also a good hedge against inflation (the long run being 20 years).   Municipal bonds have two risks. The first is the credit of the issuer — the city or state selling the bonds.  Where there is more risk, the issuer must pay higher interest rates to attract buyers.  For example, the city of Chicago has a very low bond rating and has to pay high rates to sell bonds.  That would worry me.  And the other concern about muni bonds is that if the general level of interest rates goes up, all bond prices will go down.  That’s just the way bonds work, regardless of bond quality.  When rates rise, bond prices fall.  If you don’t sell the bonds, you’re still stuck earning lower rates than those who waited to buy bonds until rates went up.  And rates tend to rise in times of inflation fears.

As you can see this is all a complex relationship, and you might want to seek professional advice about balancing your portfolio.  I recommend Fidelity, Vanguard, and T. Rowe Price for this task, as they charge low fees, have low cost investments, and are set up to handle exactly these issues.



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