By Terry Savage on June 04, 2015 | Investments

I have some money that I would like to invest (about 50K), and I’m looking for a somewhat “quick” return of say two years. I have been reading a lot about silver being way under priced now, and I would like your take on this. If I bought 50K worth of silver dollars at about $17.00 right now and silver goes to $40.00 or more as I’m reading it could in the future, that would be nice! Not only is silver selling for about $5.00 an ounce less than the mines cost to get it out of the ground, the demand for it is rising as people all over the world buy more smart phones,tablets, and computers. What do you think?

Terry Says:  I think it’s an interesting speculation, and if you’re wrong y0u will probably lose only half your money.  What do you think about that possibility??



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