Ask Terry Questions Sim swapping/Sunday June 15 Orlando Sentinel

Sim swapping/Sunday June 15 Orlando Sentinel

By Terry Savage on June 25, 2024 | Wild Card

Hi read this article and could not believe what I read. I called my cell provider and my bank only to be told this sims swapping is impossible to hack into your bank accounts etc! Actually new/most phones don’t even have a sims card to remove now! Please advise Thank you Confidential pls.

Terry Says

The new phones have SIMS — just not removable ones!  But this is the “cloud” information that allows you to transfer seamlessly to a new phone when you upgrade.  And if your sim info is stolen, then the thieves gain access to your texts — and hijack them to use the SMS messages banks send, asking for your approval of a money transfer!  Read the column carefully.  Then contact your provider — ATT, Verizon, etc — and ask them for the procedure to LOCK YOUR SIM info.



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