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smart investing

By Terry Savage on January 18, 2019 | Financial Planning / Retirement

Hi Terry, I so admire your knowledge of investing. I am 53 years old. I work part time and have my financial accounts diversified. At this point right now I have an additional $250,00.00 to invest. Would you ladder CD’s or do something else?

Terry Says

Thank you for the compliment, but all the knowledge in the world can’t come up with an appropriate answer to your question without knowing more about your entire financial picture.  That’s why I advise you choose a “fee-only” Certified Financial Planner who will act as a FIDUCIARY — putting your interests first!  You’re right that has always been a tough thing to find.  Not any more!  Go to and answer the questions.  It’s a matchmaking service (explained in this recent column) and only allows advisers who meet this stringent criteria.

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