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Social Security

By Terry Savage on December 03, 2023 | Wild Card

I just got a letter from SS that says they will stop paying me on December 23, that my premium is $559.00 and they want me to pay them. $1,342.80. I get very little from SS since I am a retired school teacher and get a pension through TRS. I don’t really need the SS pension amount (less than $300 a month. What happens if I don’t pay them the $1,342.80. They do offer an appeal process and all sorts of help to fill out forms. Thanks

Terry Says

Whew — they forgot to offset your teacher pension. Please post your horror story at
Theoretically, they can take your tax refund, or go into your checking account and withdraw the money! That’s what they have done to others.

File for a waiver, and when it is denied, offer to pay them $10/month out of your remaining check. Don’t you still need your SS to cover your Medicare Part B premium?



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