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Social Security

By Terry Savage on March 07, 2024 | Financial Planning / Retirement

Hi Terry, Bought and read your book on clawbacks scary stuff . I would also like to get the form that Larry made to fill out and be prepared when we sign up for SS. My wife will reach full retirement age in Oct she will be 661/2 and I just turned 65. I’m retired from a large utility and we’re both on Medicare which part D was part of retirement package. My wife works as a clerk for a village for 6 years with know retirement or 401k. We have been married 6 years (both divorced previously) I’m working as a consultant and planning on waiting till 70 to file. My question is can my wife file for spousal benefits when we’re married 10 years after I file or does she lose out by filing now. She wants to start seeing more of the grandkids. Thanks.

Terry Says

I can’t do these calculations correctly. But definitely go to and pay the $39 to get the best strategy for taking your combined benefits. It will save you from huge mistakes — and don’t trust SS to give you ANY advice!!



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