Ask Terry Questions Social security and teacher retirement system

Social security and teacher retirement system

By Terry Savage on March 22, 2022 | Financial Planning / Retirement

I will turn 65 in Dec 22. My husband will turn 69 in Oct 22. He takes his Social security and I took my Illinois TRIP at 63. My Soc Sec will be reduced significantly due to TRIP. I was going to wait to 70 to take SS. Should my husband of 43 years and not in good health, die before then, will I be able to take spousal S.S. since I have not taken my own?

Terry Says

You can get a widow’s benefit — but it will be reduced by a GPO– government pension offset. They will take 2//3 of your pension out of your widow’s payment (his SS) and give you the balance –IF there is any left over!
I suggest doing the specific calculations re your own Social Security benefit at – at a cost of $45 — but it could keep you from making an expensive mistake.

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