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Social Security and the Offset

By Terry Savage on March 08, 2024 | Financial Planning / Retirement

My husband is a retired police officer from Cook County IL. He has a very health pension. He also worked for the railroad early in his career. When he retired at age 72 (he is now 80), because of his govt. pension, his social security benefit was subject to the offset and was reduced accordingly. I am also retired after a successful career. I have paid into social security for my entire working life and my social security is significantly higher than what his is. I have friends who are telling me that if my husband dies before I do and I take the the 65% of his pension I would be entitled to as his widow, that I am now also subject to the offset on social security that I earned and it will be reduced? Is that true? Also, if something happens to me, can he take my social security and would it also then be subject to the offset? I have been reading about this on the social security website and it is very confusing. If you could clarify it would be appreciated. Thank you!

Terry Says

Wow, I had to go to the REAL experts at Kotlikoff to get your answer to this one. Here’s what they said:

She will not be subject to the GPO because she would not be receiving pension income based on her own non-covered employment.

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