Ask Terry Questions Social Security benefit for Girlfriend

Social Security benefit for Girlfriend

By Terry Savage on July 03, 2018 | Wild Card

Hi, Terry!
First..let me say I think you’re absolutely terrific. Your “snap out of it”, no nonsense approach to finance is refreshing and NEEDED.
My question:
I’m a 66 year old man. My girlfriend is 63. We recently moved in together, with no plans to marry in the foreseeable future. We are both divorced. In the event of my passing, can I arrange it so my girlfriend, NOT my ex..receives my social security benefits? And if so, what do I need to do with our esteemed government?

Thanks in advance. Keep on doin’ what you’re doin’!
Kind regards,

Terry Says

Well, I love your “snappy” post! But I have bad news for you. Social Security benefits cannot be given to girlfriends — only spouses (and ex-spouses) can claim on your work record! In my opinion, Social Security benefits are not enough to convert a nice relationship into marriage!
In fact, there are so many considerations to later-in-life relationships that in my recent book, The New Love Deal, written with co-authors divorce attorney Gemma Allen and divorce court judge Michele Lowerance, we cover a lot of those issues! You can get an inexpensive paper copy or download it at I highly recommend reading it because SS is the least of the issues you might face. (For instance, if one of you is taken to the hospital, the other can’t receive info or visit in intensive care — unless — you have a healthcare power of attorney!)
And if you have adult children from previous marriages, you are courting disaster in combining households. Do read the book! And thanks for writing to me.



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