Ask Terry Questions Social Security Benefits

Social Security Benefits

By Terry Savage on March 26, 2015 | Financial Planning / Retirement

i am a 63 year old female married to a wonderful, very young 80 year old man who is retired and collecting his Social Security, which we are able to live on at this time but I was told that I could collect some sort of spousal benefits without me collecting my Social Security until I’m 66years old. Is this true and would it effect my future Social Security or if one of us were to pass away? Thank you, Mary

Terry Says:  This is a complicated issue — and I’m going to turn you over to the experts!  A lot depends on what your full retirement benefit would be, based on your earnings.  There are strategies — but I want to make sure you get the exact correct advice for your situation.

Start with this calculator — a sophisticated program offered by T. Rowe Price.  Here’s the link:  Or cut and paste this address into your browser: security benefits evaluator

Then contact T. Rowe Price for specific advice on your individual situation.  800-537-1936.  Ask for their retirement advisors, specifically those who deal with Social Security strategies.



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