Ask Terry Questions Social Security benefits and when to take them

Social Security benefits and when to take them

By Terry Savage on June 21, 2024 |

I’m retired and 67 years old(will be 68 in July), waiting to take my social security at 70. My wife is 68, fully self-employed,and also planning on waiting to get her benefits at 70 as well. Does it make any sense to take her benefits now(rather than wait) and invest them in our self invested diversified fidelity portfolio that’s earning significantly in excess of the S & P 500 Index?

Terry Says

First, how do you know the S&P 500 index will continue to rise???  But you know FOR SURE that you will get an 8% increase in your base check for every year you wait age 70.  Read this:  When to Take Social Security – Terry Savage

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