Ask Terry Questions Social Security Clawbacks

Social Security Clawbacks

By Terry Savage on December 28, 2023 | Wild Card

his is sort of a question – i wrote to you about my mom who had Guillane Barre from a flu shot and could not go to skilled nursing to help her walk again etc because of a Medicare Advantage plan – and I also know from following you that you are working with a partner on the problem of these random social security clawbacks. My mom gets a letter like this from social Security EVERY YEAR. they say they failed to calculate her pension from working at a college into her SS calc despite he fact that she has been getting this pension for 20+ years. When my father died in 2020 they took my mom’s and my dad’s SS from her for 6+ months to pay back the overage but have yet to EVER get it right. I have made requests for forbearance based on her minimal income and have been denied. i just wanted to let you know in case you need more ammunition for your efforts. thanks for all you do.

Terry Says

Oh no, you are caught up in Social Security’s biggest mistake, failing to offset public pensions as required by law. They do have the law on their side — but they never did the calculations and deductions. Now they are attacking older retirees, demanding the money back.

Would you please go to our new website — — and post your story there. we keep your info private, but are working hard with Treasury officials to get these clawbacks to stop, and to restore appropriate benefits.



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