Ask Terry Questions Social Security — delay?

Social Security — delay?

By Terry Savage on October 15, 2019 | Financial Planning / Retirement

Terry, I have read, or received some various opinions from Financial Advisors as to when to claim Social Security benefits. I know that can vary based on personal financial situations. I’m 65, so qualify for full Social Security benefits at age 66. My plan is to wait at least until I’m 68, potentially until 70 when I have to take it. I have an IRA that is approximately $600,000, and I receive a modest pension and do some part time contract work. I feel like I can function comfortably without the benefit currently. If needs arise, my plan would be to take small distributions from my IRA, if necessary. Also, my wife is 12 years younger than me, so between that, the Cola adjustments, that would be based on a higher amount, and the guaranteed rate of an 8% return, seems almost like a no brainer to me? What is your opinion on this strategy? Thank You

Terry Says

I think that is the PERFECT strategy!  If you don’t need it, just wait until age 70 (the maximum age to collect).  I don’t know where I could safely get you an 8 percent return on your money these days!  Enjoy your retirement!

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