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Social security issue

By Terry Savage on June 25, 2024 | Wild Card

I took my deceased husbands social security when I turned 62. Money was withheld until I reached my full retirement age 66 yrs 6 months, which was last October. I have called and been told different information as to when I will receive some type of reimbursement. I turned 67 this past April. Can you help me?

Terry Says

Wait — not quite sure I understand.  Did you actually “take” your husband’s SS — receive money, either on his record or yours  — though a lesser amount, when you were 62?  Or did you not collect anything??  It’s an important issue.

I want to send you to to calculate what you SHOULD receive — the larger of his benefit or any benefit you earned — now that you are full retirement age.  But depending on the decision you made back then, it would impact your benefit now.  Please go use that program, and they will help you figure out what you should be receiving.



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