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Social Security made me play Let’s Make a Deal

By Terry Savage on January 16, 2022 | Wild Card & Pandemic Related

Dear Ms. Savage: When I signed up by phone (due to pandemic) for SS, I was given some options even though I had reached my 70th birthday. I had to choose between the usual monthly amount for life or an undisclosed “bonus” amount if I agreed to a lower monthly amount for life. Have you heard of this option/tactic? Feel free to call me for more detail.

Terry Says

Yes, I have heard of it and written about it! Check my review of Laurence Kotlikoff’s great new book: Money Magic. It’s on my website under columns. He is so upset about this issue. I hope you didn’t take the “deal” — and if you did, contact him because he is trying to get this situation reversed for people!! His email is: kotlikoff@gmail.com



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