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Social security mistake

By Terry Savage on March 15, 2024 | Wild Card

I applied for my social security to start the month after my 70th birthday in May of this year. I have proof I filled out everything correctly, yet they went back to June if 2023 and already deposited a lump sum from then until now and are starting payments next month. In addition to that, my husband now has decided to retire in September of this year when he will start collecting social security. Is there a way I can just return these funds and stop further payments and file against my husbands when he files?

Terry Says

If they made this error, it will cost you 8% a year. And this is something that Social Security does frequently, and stupidly. Please write back to the email you get saying your question has been “answered.”
Give me your full name, and telephone number. I will pass this on to my contact at SS and see if I can help you get this fixed.
There’s no point in delaying your SS past age 70, since you won’t get any more. BUT, you don’t want to have taken it early!! Same with your husband.



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